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Stop trying to juggle all the balls – get the right HR support for your business.

You have a growing business with a team of people working for you. As you get bigger the people challenges also grow; yet another ball for the business owner to keep in the air.

Well, this is one ball you can drop. Getting the right HR support for your business is the key to saving you hours of searching the internet and head scratching over people management. Have you made the decision to work with an HR Consultant to tackle people management issues within your business yet?

Why work with an HR consultant?

If you don’t have the resources at the current time to have your own in-house HR expertise, using the services of a contractor can offer the best of both worlds. You get flexibility, affordability, and most importantly, results. This excellent choice could be a tactic that really paves the way for sleeker and more efficient working practices in the future.

It’s important that you are clear about what you can expect along the way, and how you can get the most out of the working relationship. The relationship needs to be built on honesty, credibility and ultimately trust. You’ll want to ensure that you get the best return possible on your investment, so you need to start planning and thinking about how you’ll get the outcome that you are hoping for.

Read on to discover three top tips for success.

Get off to a great start. 

Accepting that there are problems with people management within your business can be a difficult pill to swallow. Perhaps you’ve let things slide in terms of key policies such as absence management and disciplinaries. Maybe you haven’t given your line managers the tools they need to excel in their roles.

Whether it’s minor or more serious, be upfront with your HR Consultant. They can’t solve problems if they don’t have all the information! A good consultant will unearth issues eventually, so you’ll save time and money by being open from the beginning – even if this feels a little uncomfortable!

Think beyond firefighting. 

Many people wait to bring in an HR Consultant when they have a specific problem, or something needs to be dealt with right away. That’s fine but think about what this says about your people practices. It’s likely that there’s some room for improvement.

Employees expect far more from their employers so you must get it right to retain your staff. You want to be a great employer. An HR Consultant will work with you to make sure that it is a smooth process.

So, instead of a quick fix, consider how you can harness their expertise to sharpen your policies, procedures, and organisational culture so issues are less likely to arise in the first place. Using an HR Consultant to fight fires is sometimes essential. But if you can look beyond this, you could ensure your practices are in line with business goals, and that you’re using your people strategically.

Consider how you can create a longer-term relationship. 

Think about it this way – the next time you have an HR matter that you need assistance with, wouldn’t you prefer to have a professional on hand who’s already familiar with your business and the way you operate?

Savvy HR Consultants can bring a lot to the table, and in many cases, can completely transform the way you run your business. Be sure that you consider your role in the process though, and how you can get the very best possible results.

Why me?

I am a credible and experienced HR People Professional, with over 20 years generalist and strategic experience of providing a wide range of operational HR Services in complex and unionised environments.

I have held various Senior HR positions and managed teams across a large diverse workforce both within HR and Retail.

I can work with you and provide genuine and valuable HR advice to safeguard your business.

I am authentic, and solution focused, and I will always go the extra mile for you and your business.

What clients say about me:

Andy Barnes, Director of Mortgages, Asset Harbour

We have been working with GoHR for a number of years and more recently with Nicola at GoHR. I would highly recommend the company but also Nicola. Nicola has been an absolute rock in helping us understand the world of HR, Nicola is very pleasant and a pleasure to work with she explains difficult situations with plain language to make it easier to understand.

Stephanie Moffat, Founder and Managing Director, Ellipsis

Nicola is direct and clear in her approach to HR issues giving a clear pathway forwards after listening and understanding the business needs. I’d highly recommend working with Nicola.

Paul Berry, CEO, Power Systems International

Nicola has been helping us with a reorganisation recently. This presented us with some unique challenges and quite a bit of emotion. Yet Nicola remained calm, focused and kept the process working well and on schedule. This she still did with a high degree of empathy. It is vital that these sort of HR tasks are handled properly that we don’t miss things, and Nicola was willing to remind me, that if I did that … then this would be the consequence, and I was smart enough to know that I needed to follow her advice. 10/10 Nicola.

Les Chapman, Managing Director, ASUPS

Nicola has been incredibly reliable. Her knowledge has been an essential asset to me in my role offering guidance and expertise. She has worked tirelessly to ensure deadlines are met and been on hand offering professionalism and facilitating us in times of need. Highly recommend Nicola.

Claire Cliffe, Finance Director, WiseTech

I would recommend Nicola at GoHR, she understands clients’ individual needs and works with them as individuals. I don’t need weekly/monthly chats, I just need support as & when and Nicola understands this and works with me on this. Nicola also understands that when you reach out, it is because you need a quick reply and sometimes just a few words or support or try this way is all that is needed, without time being used when not needed. I know I have support on hand and have one point of contact, so I don’t need to keep explaining how our business works each time I need some help.

Contact us to find out how GoHR can support your business by calling ☎️ 01628 702018 or 01608 697162 to find out how or visit


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