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Creating Logical Lead Magnet Content for Small Business Growth

I’m writing this blog with 14 years of brand and marketing experience in my skills backpack. My eyes and ears are constantly open to marketing, advertising, social media, writing, videos - you name it, I see it all around me.

Throughout my years at Boots UK, at a leading University, and a global agency I can reassure you that ‘content creation’ has always been a struggle. It’s tough for the big dogs too. I know as small business owners and solo entrepreneurs we face the content slog more so than ever. Our days are spent juggling a lot, and creating a reel for Instagram just goes by the wayside when you’ve got client work, customer calls and accounts to monitor. Don’t forget, the content you see live from large businesses has a team behind them. They have the cash and they have the ‘content creation and planning’ momentum already in place.


Creating content from emotion.


Since becoming a solopreneur myself and speaking to many other business owners, I’ve picked up on another common sticking point. I often hear this …


“I am stuck between wanting to create content for my business and wanting to keep my whole existence a secret.”


I get it. I sometimes feel this way, and I know some of my clients do as well.


This makes me curious. You may not know this about me, but I moved into Marketing from a Human Resources background because of my love for human psychology and mind management. I dig deep into the meaning and purpose behind most conversations. I’m always asking, why do we feel this way?


Is it because social media is quite frankly making us all feel absurdly overwhelmed?


Does it go deeper than that? Of course, we all have our own insecurities, our triggers and blockers. We compare, we self-sabotage. We’re busy little bees with a lot of things on our plates.


However, for me, there is a balance to make. A balance between acknowledging the fears and accepting the days when we’re frozen to the spot before we hit ‘post’. Being aware that we procrastinate. Understanding the rising energy within us when we feel nervous about ‘putting ourselves out there’.


If we strip all of the emotion away, we really only need to consider one thing when it comes to our business, and that is the reason why we’re doing what we’re doing. There was a need on day one when you created your business. What was that? That is your purpose. Alongside that, you’ll have your mission. Yes, there might be emotion embedded within these, but ultimately these two things are your driving force for marketing your business loud and proud.


Marketing - it’s more than a process.


Since January I’ve been digging deeper into my own ‘why’ and my mission and purpose behind setting up a Brand and Marketing Consultancy. 


Marketing is so broad, as is Brand. Even from my own perspective, while I understand it, I find it complex at times. Brand is ever expanding, with multiple angles and elements that make up the ‘industry’.


My mission is to provide the marketing knowledge, the strategy behind your brand and the best way to promote your business to the right audience. I’ll show you how to execute a social media content plan, after we’ve written it together, how to do keyword research, write a blog that supports your website SEO and all the rest.


However, I feel my responsibility is much greater than providing just a brand and marketing lesson. Because I acknowledge within myself that although I know marketing inside and out, I also have to do the deep work to identify my triggers and what stops me from marketing my own business while quickly continuing to drive forward for my own business. I spend the time to balance out the emotion of running my own business, content creation, speaking up about my own value, skills and experience and then pulling all of that together into a logical systematic plan that works for me.


I do this because I know it’s a normal feeling, and when I spend the time understanding myself I can be fully focused on doing the same for your business and YOUR self-development if we were to work together. Marketing your own business isn’t just a logical and strategic step-by-step plan. We’re leading from something within us. A personal driver and that needs to be acknowledged.


However, there are times when we need to push that emotion aside, and the time when this is imperative is when you are marketing your business. Why? Because what you offer isn’t about you, it’s about your customer.


What I’m saying here is, take your emotion and personal drive that you feel for your own business, take your personal emotion too, and let that lead the emotional messaging and content you create for your customers, but do it in a logical process-driven way.  


The marketing content you create isn’t about you.

Every piece of content you create, every marketing message, needs to have been created from understanding your customer's objectives, fears, aspirations and desired solutions. Their emotions.

You need to know about your customers in order to create better content and a better ‘sales pitch’ (I know I know, SALES pitch sounds gross, but essentially that is what marketing is).

Great content and sales pitches revolve around a simple premise — that your prospective customers desperately want something.

They’re currently stuck. They have a problem they need to resolve.

Their goal is to get to a place where their problem is fixed. Hopefully by you.

Your content and sales pitch need to show them how to bridge the gap between where they are today and where they want to be. And that you’re the person who can help.

They’ll need to see you at least 7 times across various channels to build some level of trust in you, and they’ll need to think ‘Wow, they’re talking directly to me here’ and they’ll need to have faith in the fact that you know your stuff and can deliver the results they desire.

And although your content may be emotionally led (for your customers’ best interest) your own process for creating content needs to be logical. Because content creation shouldn’t be emotional for you, only for your customer.



This blog will hopefully give you a flavour of the way I work and the dynamic that my Marketing Mentoring Membership holds. If you’re looking for weekly marketing support on a lower budget, check out my membership - Brand Brilliance with KJ.


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For more information on carrying out keyword research to create content that resonates, read this blog.



Hi, I’m Kelly Joanne. I’m a Brand and Marketing Consultant and Mentor. Your brand growth partner - be it your personal brand or your business, whether you’re a solopreneur, a micro-business or you’ve been established for a decade, I’ll re-connect you to brand value, build you a marketing and content strategy and execute your marketing to-do list. More importantly, I’ll help you understand why marketing is feeling tricky for you personally, and we’ll tackle the hurdles together.


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