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About LoveBiz Networking® UK Limited

What makes LoveBiz Networking® different?

You’ve heard the saying “people buy from people”. Everyone is different – in how we approach people, make connections and how we like to conduct business. So, it’s understandable that we all have different expectations from our networking groups as well.


There are a huge number of different groups across the UK. Each one has certain elements or a style that appeals to some more than others. And, to add to the mix, as you gain more experience in your business and confident in your networking, what you want to get from your group changes as well.


We might be a little biased, but we do feel that LoveBiz has some definite advantages when it comes to supporting women in business. So, what is it that makes LoveBiz different?


Networking for women starting a business.


We understand that every member is at a different stage in their business growth. And when you’re just getting started, we know that’s when you might need the most support – in business advice and building your own self-confidence. Most visitors to LoveBiz networking start at one of our community groups, where you can start slowly if you’re new to networking and enjoy a social side at the same time.


  • We make sure you’re not left standing.


Our brunch and lunch events always begin with some time to chat and mingle – but don’t feel daunted as you step through the doors. You’ll be greeted by your host and introduced to some of the members so that you’re not left hovering.


  • Stay up to date with your business skills.


We offer workshops and training throughout the year on subjects you need to keep your business growing. Each one is led by an expert from our members, and cover subjects from finance to using social media, learning time management skills or developing a work-life balance. And the best part – each one is included within the price of your membership. It’s a bargain.


  • Build friendships and a support network.


One of the hardest parts about being self-employed can be the amount of time you spend working alone. We’re very proud of the many friendships have begun from our networking groups. And with an active private Facebook group, you’ll have a positive and welcoming support network on hand to answer any question you might have. 

Networking for women growing a business.


We believe that consistency is key – and so we have a clear format for our meetings, at both online and in person events. But we also like to keep them friendly and welcoming, so there’s no formal agendas or awkward referral swapping moments. What you can expect is:


  • Your fabulous introductions.


Every meeting starts with the chance to introduce yourself and your business to the room. This is your 30 seconds and is your chance to stand out, so we always recommend you prepare your intro in advance. And change it each time you attend to keep it interesting and up to date.


  • 5 to 10 minutes of expertise.


Each meeting has one showcase by a member, which is your opportunity to get into the details of your business. What you choose to talk about is entirely up to you. Your background, a little training or a demonstration of your favourite product – whatever it is, we can’t wait to find out more.


  • A dedicated host.


One thing that really makes LoveBiz networking different is our dedicated host for each area. Each one gets to know their members personally – which means that they make sure you’re always introduced to someone new in breakout rooms and have the chance to connect with the businesses that you need.


  • No lockouts on sectors.


People buy from people. We know that you want to work with likeminded people. So, we don’t lockout people from the same industry in any meeting. We truly believe in co-operation, not competition. And our members agree – some great collaborations have grown between businesses who might look the same on paper but have very different approaches.


  • A growing national network.


Once you’re a member of LoveBiz, you’re free to visit any of our 15 locations. If you want to join a Zoom in a different area, or try a luxury lunch at our executive venues, go for it. Just book in and expand your network.


  • Executive groups for established business.


Our executive group members are more often directors or representatives of national firms, tasked with building relationships on a regional level. To support that need, we offer an executive membership, focused more on the structured nature of business. These groups offer an additional monthly mastermind roundtable for discussion about business news or leadership questions and a private LinkedIn group.

Networking for women with an entrepreneur mindset.


LoveBiz networking aims to support all women in business. By joining us, there’s one thing you all have in common – an entrepreneur mindset. Did you know that less than a third of small businesses in the UK are owned by women? One of those women is you!


There’s so many things we love about LoveBiz networking, it’s hard to pinpoint our favourites. But we’ve given it a go – and it has to be:


  1. Our fabulous online community, available 24/7 to support each other. Although we can’t claim all the kudos for this one – it’s all down to our members.


  1. The structure to our events that ensure it’s consistent and equal – everyone gets a turn in the spotlight.


  1. Our commitment to challenging traditional networking. We’re always developing to suit our members needs and tastes. From community groups for a more relaxed approach, to our newer executive groups for those wanting a business-like focus . . .  who knows what will be next?


What more can we say? We think LoveBiz is different to other networking groups, but the only real judge is you.


If you are a woman in business, please get in touch. Your local host will have a chat to find out how LoveBiz can help you best and invite you to one of our meetings so you can meet our members and start building your next business relationship.


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