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LoveBiz Networking® UK Limited – Membership Terms & Conditions

The Membership Facts

  • LoveBiz Networking® is open to female business owners or any business represented by a woman. Any woman meeting these criteria may submit an application for membership. LoveBiz Networking® reserves the right to deny or cancel membership, access to its events or online facilities should the member or their company be deemed unsuitable for membership, without further explanation as to the reasons for this decision.

  • Membership is for 12-months from the joining date.

  • An area membership is offered on the basis of one member, one business, one group area. 

  • If a member wishes to represent a second business, they must take up a second membership in respect of that business. 

  • We only allow members to take 2 different area memberships for their business.

  • Members may change/update their registered business at any time within the 12-month membership period, subject to payment of a £20.00 administration fee. This also includes website updates. Please email with your updates for approval.

  • Membership fees are non-refundable. Members may terminate their membership at any time and for any reason. However, membership fees will not be refunded regardless of the reason for termination. Equally, fees will not be refunded in the unlikely event that LoveBiz Networking® takes steps to terminate the membership.

  • Lock outs - Although we do not lock out business sectors, we do only have 1 member at each area community promoting the exact same product or services. We monitor business sector memberships and try to have no more than 3 businesses in the same sector to give a varied mix.

  • Network Marketing business memberships - As this membership takes the one place offered, we expect the member to attend ALL area events. If events are missed regularly and no engagement in the invested members group, we would ask you to stand down and another person can take your place who can attend and engage in the group.

  • Should any conflict or complaint arise, members should first make direct contact with Sue Crooks, founder and CEO, who will make every effort to resolve the problem.

Monthly Membership Subscriptions

  • We have 3 membership options available.

  • ​FULL ALL INCLUSIVE - Includes all Community Zoom meetings in your own area and additional nationwide Community Zooms meetings. Plus 6 in person events in your membership area and discounts for future special in person and Zoom events in 2024. We offer lunches and brunches, LoveBiz Coffee Catch Ups and also members only 'Coffee and Conversation'. 

  • ​ZOOM INCLUSIVE – Includes all Community Zoom meetings in your own membership area and additional nationwide Community Zooms meetings. Connect with members who you wouldn't meet face to face to start new collaborations. 

  • ​IN PERSON INCLUSIVE - Includes 6 in person events in your membership area. We offer lunches and brunches, LoveBiz Coffee Catch Ups and also members only 'Coffee and Conversation'. 

  • If monthly payments are cancelled or not fulfilled the remaining months of the 12 month membership will be due and the member will be invoiced the remaining months of your membership.


How LoveBiz Helps Your Business

  • The LoveBiz Networking® provides a supportive environment where members may promote their business in order to achieve growth and also build confidence. 

  • The LoveBiz Networking® website ( provides members contact details and promotes member business’ websites. Members are responsible for ensuring that their website directory details are up to date. Any changes or updates to a member’s website may be notified to us at and the necessary changes will be made. Subject to a small charge.

  • Businesses will be offered the opportunity to engage in additional promotional activities by way of a ‘Business Showcase’ at their own area events. When available, these must be booked in advance. A business showcase includes a stall or stand when guests arrive for in person events and a 5 minute talk about their business either at in person meetings or at Zoom meetings.

  • Monthly online training and development workshops are also available. 


Location Information

  • LoveBiz Networking® holds events across the UK and members are welcome to attend events. Our Zoom meetings and in person events are subject to a full prepayment.

  • Members from other communities may attend other area events. 


Your Commitment 

  • To get the most out of your LoveBiz Networking® membership, you are expected to attend ALL of your area group meetings. Before submitting your membership application, we ask that you are confident that you can honour this commitment. By attending regularly, we can learn more about you and how we can help you to develop your business. There are 12 events each year in each area over the 12-month membership. Normally on set days each month.

  • If a member fails to attend events on a regular basis LoveBiz Networking® reserves the right to review and, if necessary, revoke and cancel their membership. 


Promotion Dos & Don’ts

  • Members are encouraged to promote their businesses and are provided with exclusive access to the LoveBiz Networking® Facebook group and LinkedIn group for this purpose. Our members represent a wide range of business sectors. Any promotions relating to non-member businesses are therefore prohibited, particularly where the business being promoted is of a type already represented by a group member. Any posts of this nature will be deleted from our invested members only groups. We also request that no charity and donation requests are made, other than those charities with paid membership. No other networking groups can be promoted in this members group also.

  • Members consent to LoveBiz Networking® representatives taking photographic images during events. These images remain the property of LoveBiz Networking® and may be used in local printed media, social media or on the LoveBiz Networking® website without further permissions being sought. Details of membership events may also be used in press releases without further consent being sought.

  • Members may promote their businesses at in person events by bringing printed promotional materials including business cards, leaflets and roller banners. Product samples may also be offered as appropriate. Members are also asked to introduce themselves and their business to the group. This introduction should last 30 seconds.


Renewal of Your Membership

  • Membership fees are payable annually in advance by invoice via our website or by monthly subscription.

  • We will provide members with a renewal notice in advance when their 12-month membership is coming to an end. This notice will be provided approximately one month prior to the membership expiry date. If the member wishes to continue their membership fees must be paid 2 weeks prior to the renewal date. If membership fees are not received by LoveBiz Networking® within 48 hours of the membership expiry date, the membership will be terminated, and the members details will be removed from the website and removed from the invested members only groups.

  • If you choose not to renew your membership, future in person and Zoom meetings will be cancelled that you may have booked in advance.

  • A member who has left their #LoveBiz community can not attend any future in person or online events unless they re-join as a LoveBiz community member once their renewal has been approved.


Inviting Guests

  • Guests are welcome at all LoveBiz Networking® events and members may invite guests.

  • Children may attend our child friendly events as advertised; however, children are not permitted at our in-person business networking events due to insurance.

Updated 01.09.2023

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