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8 reasons why you might choose to work with a coach?

You may have heard of coaching and wonder what it is all about. Every time you show up at a networking event there will likely be a coach in the room. There are so many different coaches out there, with different areas of expertise, that it can be hard to know what they all do.

Dr Lucinda Homer
Dr Lucinda Homer

It is important to do your homework and find out what a coach is skilled at, how they work, and if you think that they are a good fit for the issue that you would like to work on.

You will notice that the word work, appeared several times in that last bit. You will need to commit to doing some work and be ready to embrace the coaching process. A coach is not there to solve your problems and tell you what to do. A good coach is skilled at asking you the right questions to help you find your answers.

Why I love coaching

This is how I explain my work as a coach and why I love it.

You know when you get to a point in your life where you feel a bit stuck. It could be in your career, relationships, or life in general. I think that most of us have felt like that at some point, and I certainly felt that way in my 40s.

You may be thinking some of these things. These are the 8 most common reasons I hear that women choose to work with a coach:

1. I want to change things, but I don’t know how.

2. I make a start but always slip back into old habits.

3. I don’t have time to focus on what I want or need.

4. I want to get some control back.

5. I want to have new adventures.

6. I want to defy expectations.

7. I want to make my own rules.

8. I want to be me.

Well, I help women just like us to get unstuck and move forwards. I help you to work out what you want your life to look like, make your own rules and live life on your terms.

Working with me as your coach

My approach is to help you to gain clarity and define your one BIG thing.

You will find out what is really keeping you stuck, and it is often not what you think it is.

The next stage is to work on making your rules, so that you can test out strategies and discover what works for you.

I know that this can feel scary and that making changes can be difficult. So, we work together to find ways to manage your anxiety and turn it into excitement for future possibilities.

We bring everything together so that you can make the change you need to live your life on your terms. This will help you to find positive ways to gain perspective, take action, and cope with whatever comes your way.

I am there to support you through setbacks and help you to stay on track. Just when you have gone as far as you think you can, I am there to challenge you to go even further than you thought you could.

Why would you choose to work with me?

I know what it feels like to be stuck. I arrived in my 40s having lost sight of who I was and what I wanted to do. My career no longer felt right, and I was fed up with people pleasing.

I knew something needed to change, but I found myself stuck and scared to do anything about it. I felt guilty and ashamed that I could even consider giving up my 24-year career in the NHS where I worked as a Consultant Anaesthetist. It was those feelings that were keeping me firmly in place.

I had never heard of coaching back then, but the process that I followed over the next 7 years was a form of coaching. I just did it myself through researching, reading, and experimenting. I worked out what I wanted to do and how I could go about it. I took some risks, felt the fear and did it anyway. My first crazy adventure was learning to fly a light aircraft. I went from feeling terrified of that first trial flight, with an instructor, to achieving a Private Pilot’s licence.

I had no idea that it would open a door to a career change. When I realised that pilots needed to have a medical, I went on a training course (or two) to become an Aviation Medical Examiner. I now keep the skies safe through making sure that pilots, air traffic controllers, and cabin crew are fit to do their jobs.

I used to do a lot of team and simulation training, mentoring, and coaching for post graduate doctors in training. I wanted to continue my work as a coach, and I decided to do formal training in executive coaching.

The rest of my journey to a change career involved exploring some of these themes and I write about it in more detail here:

  • Curiosity and longing.

  • Getting in tune with my thoughts and emotions.

  • Getting creative and finding my flow.

  • Self-care.

  • Working out what was important to me.

  • Confidence, courage, and calm.

  • Renegotiation and setting boundaries in relationships.

  • Finding my groove.

I qualified with an ILM level 7 certificate in 2021. I love facilitating learning and personal growth and seeing someone have an “aha moment” is priceless.

How can you find out more about me and my business?

I have a website.

I post regularly on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

I have a Newsletter/Blog and post every couple of weeks on Substack. It is called “The Midlife Changemaker,” and you can subscribe to receive it when it is published.

The links can all be found in my Linktree.

I love meeting new people and making connections, so please get in touch to arrange a virtual coffee.

Dr Lucinda Homer is an executive coach and doctor, who refuses to sit and watch another brilliant, successful woman reach her 40s & 50s and get stuck. She helps women to create an incredible second act.


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