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Why is losing weight so difficult?

I think we can all agree that whilst Christmas is a fabulous and festive time it can also be a challenge for some. Words we often hear at this time include ‘busy’, ‘stress’, ‘food’, ‘alcohol’ and the big one, ‘the New Year's Resolution’. You probably already suspect that being healthier or, more to the point, managing weight, is the most spoken about resolution. It also has the highest failure rate.

Nutrition and health are a very emotive subject, right up there with politics and religion, and everyone has their own firm beliefs. In this blog I’m going to look from the perspective of weight and fat loss – because 77% of British people struggle to manage their weight.

Why is losing weight so difficult?

The primary reason is confusion. The media have done a marvellous job in confusing the heck out of everybody, and the vicious diet cycle has become the norm. Let's take Christmas, for example. We know it’s going to be full of the wonderful foods we don’t normally eat, coupled with extra wine or bubbles and other yummy stuff. This can often leave us feeling bloated, guilty and feeling that we have a mountain to climb come the 1st Jan, just to try get back to where we were. Until, of course, the next event comes along and we start all over again. It’s a vicious cycle and we need to break it.

What’s gone wrong.

But maybe it’s not all just about the times we indulge – but also what we’re eating. Have you ever wondered WHY, when you do all the right things, eat well and exercise, you still carry a pocket of fat around your tummy and before you know it any weight loss has come back?

To put it bluntly but truthfully, our food system is broken. Over the last 50 years we have sprayed more toxic chemicals on growing plants, injected our cattle with hormones and antibiotics and depleted the farmers' fields of nutrients that ever before. So much so, that the food on our table is not what we think.

It may sound dramatic, but more and more studies are now showing the effect it all has on us, and not just from a physical point of view of how we look. The nasty toxic visceral fat that builds up behind the abdomen, the lethargy and brain fog are a result of these chemicals is affecting over 70% of people. Lack of sleep, more and more autoimmune conditions, more behavioural problems in children… the list goes on, scarily so.

Symptoms of a toxic body.

Before we go on let me explain. I’m a foodie. Shepherd's pie and treacle sponge are family favourites. However, the foods we eat are keeping us in survival mode, and not in thrive mode.

So, what do we need to do to live in a healthy body and ditch the guilt and vicious diet cycle.

3 things….

1) High quality clean nutrition

2) To manage stress properly from the source of the problem. (A stressed body clings on to fat)

3) Clean insides at cellular level

Signs to cleanse the body
Signs to cleanse the body

Support and coaching.

Only when all these are taken care of can your body run at optimal level, allowing you to enjoy the foods you love, sleep all night (that’s when fat is burned) and have the energy to do whatever you want. It’s a whole new world when you’re in control. Sadly, we cannot live on will power forever.

I have been in the wellness industry studying nutrition and weight management for 30 years. I’ve come to understand the need to supplement our diets, using a system that addresses the cause of the problem rather than mask the symptom.

I believe looking good comes from the confidence that you also feel amazing, and, more importantly, in control, knowing you’ve stepped off the vicious diet cycle forever. I have helped 1000's of ladies and gents over the years and would love to help you too.

Claire is just one of them

Claire, a nurse, lost 4 stone, got her energy and confidence back and sleeps all night. This is her, four years in and still feeling amazing.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

I offer a free 30-minute consultation to find out where your health levels are right now, how you got here and to discuss the way forward to get you where you want to be.

Is it expensive to use my system of products? The simple answer is no. What price would you put on your health and your happiness?

I’d love to have an initial consultation with you. Let’s put to bed some common myths about carbohydrates, calories, scales vs inches and many more. With my help, being healthier is easier than you think.

Please get in touch either by phone, email or WhatsApp message.

Heather Brighouse

07507 493 299

Heather Brighouse
Heather Brighouse


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