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Why architecture and interior design need to work together to create your client’s dream home.

When a client comes to you because they’ve decided to build their dream home, what’s your first thought? As an architect, it might be how you’ll use the land or convert an existing structure into a family home. You’ll work with the technical elements of creating a build that has all the facilities your client will need. The question is, do you think about how the inside of the new property will look? Do you know how the choices you make about the structure will impact the interior? That’s where working with an interior designer can give you valuable insight. Here’s how we can help.

Your client has a vision

No one decides to build their own home on a whim. They do it because they have a vision of their dream home and the life that will bring. It could include the way the house looks when they approach the front door, the size of the rooms and how many bedrooms they need. However, there’s more to it than that. The dream will also include the way they want the rooms to look and feel.

Where your approach must be rooted in the practicalities of the build, ours is more intuitive. It’s about understanding whether they want a romantic master bedroom or a huge sofa that will seat the entire family and their dog. The choices you make about the build will influence whether an interior designer can create the look the client wants, so it’s a good idea to get us on board as early as possible.

Will it cost the client a fortune?

The cost of employing an interior designer depends on how much help and input the client requires. They may only need a consultation on the design ideas they have and how the build will influence the choices they can make about interiors. If they need a more hands-on approach to guide them through the design process, it’s a luxury professional service with a fee attached.

Employing an interior designer can also save money in the long term. It can prevent costly mistakes which could require a remodel or rebuild to achieve the finished result the client wants. A designer’s eye on the project allows you to consider where the technical and design elements may clash and alter the plans before you’ve even applied for planning permission.

Architecture and design can work in harmony

The way a space is built influences the design decisions that are available, down to the tiniest detail. We had a client who dreamed of a bedroom with long flowing curtains. We couldn’t provide them because there wasn’t enough wall space around her windows. It had been part of her vision from the outset. If an interior designer had been on board, we could potentially have adjusted the plans. As we arrived on site once the build had already been completed the client had to make a compromise that didn’t fit with her ideas.

We know that compromises are sometimes necessary as a client might have a vision that simply isn’t achievable in the space they have. We believe that every design element needs to work in harmony to get the best results. When we work with architects we don’t take over and insist that the interior design elements need to take priority. We’ll listen to your expert advice and make suggestions that will give the client the interiors they’re looking for.

To arrange an initial discussion about the ways we can support you and your client’s build from the outset contact us via email at or call 0116 230 1053 / 07767 768 725.


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