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The difference between LoveBiz Executive and Community groups.

You’ve visited a LoveBiz Networking event, and you’re ready to join us. That’s wonderful – we can’t wait to help you build relationships. But there’s just one decision to make. Will you join one of our community groups or our executive groups?

LoveBiz offers quite a bit of variety in our networking. We have both online and in person groups, coffee catch ups, brunches and fabulous lunches. We really want to be sure our groups are effective for you – and for that reason we also offer two levels of membership – community and executive.

LoveBiz Networking Sherwood
LoveBiz Networking Sherwood Community

The difference between Community and Executive networking.

Choosing the right group really means identifying what you want to get from your networking and the type of business you are in. But it’s important to understand that there is no right or wrong group – there is no one size fits all. So, this guide is exactly that – a guide to the main differences between our community and our executive networking groups.

Let’s consider some of different types of members that we have. LoveBiz Networking is open to all women in business. We don’t operate a one seat policy. That means we have small, localised businesses, national and international companies. Our members are sole traders, entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, and representatives of national brands.

Some of those members run their business as a part-time role, or are growing a new business start up, while others are following a career path into partnerships or leadership roles. And that means we all have different needs from our networking. So, we have created two separate levels of group that aim to provide every member with the kind of networking they are looking for.

LoveBiz Networking Arden
LoveBiz Networking Arden Community

Community groups grow together.

Our community groups are the originals, starting from our first area in the Midlands in 2012. We bring together businesses at a local level to create a community. Many of the women in these groups run their own local businesses, often alone and isolated in their home office or studio. They network to grow their business, but also to meet other local business owners, build friendships and socialise.

The community groups have been the start of many wonderful and close-knit friendships over the years. The members work together, form collaborative partnerships and help each other personally and professionally. They have formed the backbone of the LoveBiz community.

LoveBiz Networking De Montfort
LoveBiz Networking De Montfort Executive

Executive groups build together.

Our executive groups were created to meet the demands of businesses that are more corporate. Generally, the members are often directors or representatives in national firms, tasked by their business with building relationships on a regional level. The focus of the group is less about individuals and more about building mutually beneficial partnerships with other national brands.

These groups have a monthly Mastermind Roundtable in addition to networking, where members discuss business themes in detail, and focus on thought leadership.

LoveBiz Networking Majestic Executive
LoveBiz Networking Majestic Executive

Different levels of membership.

With two different types of group, there is understandably a difference in the level of membership as well. While both community and executive memberships offer two online and one face-to-face meeting a quarter, the executive group also have a monthly Mastermind Roundtable and private LinkedIn community group, with face-to-face meetings taking place in city centre locations at exclusive luxury venues.

Of course, the two levels of membership also have different price points, which is another factor in making your choice as to the right group for you. At the end of the day, networking is an investment in your business and yourself. It’s important that your networking group offers you the level of support and benefits that you need.

But, whether you choose to become a community or an executive level member, you will still benefit from a hugely supportive network of fabulous business women, every one of whom is an expert in their field.

If you are not sure which group is right for you, contact us today. We would love to have your feedback on the area group you visited, and help you decide which group is best for you.

Please contact us for more details at or call 03330 116 449.


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