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SMART Support For Business Ltd
SMART Support For Business Ltd

Impact Executive #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Joanne Wharam

Telephone: 07723 018 414



SMART was born from the realisation that too many accountants are working really hard, feeling overwhelmed and/or aren't achieving the success they deserve. They are not earning as much as they could do in a paid role and they have little time to spend with friends and family or doing the things they love.

Our bespoke support packages are based on our extensive knowledge and training in business and management, psychology and emotional intelligence (EI). This combined with our DiSC profiling accreditation brings a unique service of coaching and training in business, leadership and team development.

The result of working with us is a positive difference for all our clients by ensuring that they create the right balance for them in their business, boost their profits and enhance the levels of connection and cooperation in their teams.

Joanne Wharam
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