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Hornbeam Workplace Wellbeing
Hornbeam Workplace Wellbeing

Majestic Executive #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Claire Bennett

Telephone:  07889 044 897




We support workplace wellbeing through MHFA and SFA accredited courses, bespoke training, and consultancy, because we know that education and infrastructure are both necessary for sustainable change.

How many times have you ticked off another training course, but not seen the results you hoped for? Or felt that the advice you received was designed for generic businesses, with strategies that don’t fit the way you work?

At Hornbeam Workplace Wellbeing, we pay attention to your organisation’s unique strengths, challenges, and culture. We’ll give you the tools you need to manage mental health at work, and support you to apply them effectively in your own workplace.

Claire Bennett
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