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Firebird Firewalks
Firebird Firewalks

Trent #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Olivia Beardsmore

Telephone: 07707 171 766



Firebird Firewalks believe that every person has the power to transform their life. We offer unique, fire-based and experiential activities that can help you achieve personal growth, empowerment, and a greater understanding of yourself.

Olivia Beardsmore is a Master firewalk instructor with a distinctive approach. She has trained by pioneers from all over the world like Tolly Burkan, the founder of the firewalking movement, and Kevin Axtell, Owsa Beckman, Bence Lazlo Tar and John Maisel. Accumulating this wealth of training and two decades of event management experience, Olivia's credentials are unrivalled. Yet, her commitment transcends mere qualifications. She originally trained as a teacher, combine this with over a decade of running the largest magazine and show in the bushcraft industry. Her passion for teaching and her connection to fire converge, as she fervently guides others through the transformative journey of firewalking, driven by a heart-centred ethos.

Olivia has taken thousands of people across the fire, participants describe her firewalks as "next level”, thanks to her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering positivity. Fuelled by a burning passion to empower others, Olivia cultivates profound connections with her participants. She understands how to unlock their confidence and self-belief, transforming firewalking into a journey of self-discovery. Her events transcend mere physical feats; they serve as catalysts for individuals to step into their own power.

Olivia Beardsmore
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