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​Contact: Chelsie Veasey

Telephone: 07792 366 728



Hello, I’m Chelsie and I am a qualified Colour Consultant based in Loughborough.

I discovered the joy of colour analysis after getting stuck and deflated with what to wear and how it made me feel, particularly as I love to sew my own clothes. I booked myself a personal session and it was a total game changer. I loved the experience and felt so much more confident in what I was choosing to wear from my current wardrobe or when shopping. The make-up advice for my specific colouring was a real boost, I definitely get more compliments now about me, not just what I am wearing.

I’m passionate about helping and equipping women and was ready for a change after a career in Nursing so I decided to train with Colour Me Beautiful, knowing the impact my own consultation has had in my life. It really is a privilege to be able to encourage and empower women in this way. I love that my business combines my favourite things; colour, fabric, cake, meeting new people and making them feel special!

So, if you want to….
• Wear colour but you are not sure how
• Have a wardrobe that really works for you and not feel stuck or stressed when choosing what to wear
• Know how to choose and apply make up that really enhances you
• Save time, money and be more sustainable
• Look younger, healthier and radiant

Get in touch as I’d be delighted to help you!

Chelsie Veasey
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