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Piano Piano

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Contact: Sarah Spare

Telephone: 07725 056 821




I provide short courses for adults who find themselves at a point in their lives when they need a little me time that does not involve a sports bra!

For those who have 'always wanted' to read musical notation and play an instrument or for those who learned when they were younger and would like to return to playing. 

For those who sing in a choir and need a confidence boost to reading their choral parts and even for those who have young children in their lives who need a little help on their own musical journey.

I do not use 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour' rote learning and can guarantee you will learn in a non judgmental, relaxed environment using a unique holistic approach. 

Learning to read musical notation will keep your neurological cogs oiled and stay with you forever. It's like a little bit of yoga just for your brain. 

Trial lesson £25 then a short course of 5 lessons for £125.

Piano Piano ...softly softly a genuinely beautiful way to learn.

Trust me I'm a teacher!

Sarah Spare
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