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Contact: Jo Lee

Telephone: 07947 623211



I am a professionally qualified personal development coach, working with career professionals and business owners to help them achieve more of the success they want, while reducing the stress, anxiety or overwhelm they don't.
Coaching is not the same as either training or consultancy. I don’t make your decisions for you or tell you what to do. I help you do that for yourself, so you achieve the things you want, in a way that works for you. it’s about helping you develop the personal awareness and resourcefulness you need to make and sustain decisions, changes and improvements to what you do and how you do them for the long term. I work with you to create goals and plans of action that will work, and to develop the awareness, self-belief, confidence, motivation, resilience and personal performance you need to be able to achieve them…even when the going gets tough.

Through coaching, I'm able to help you:


  • Develop goals and action plans for your business or career that will bring you the success and happiness you want for yourself, on your terms.

  • Start or grow your business successfully, by working with you not only on your business goals and the action plan needed for success, but also by helping you develop the motivation, confidence, positive mindset and skills you need to be an effective business owner.

  • Build the self-belief, confidence and bravery you need to feel you really are "good enough" and ready to achieve the things you want in your work and your life

  • Improve your ability to prioritise, make strong decisions, and to stop procrastinating, to help you achieve more and reduce stress.

  • Overcome fears around selling, rejection or failure that may be stopping you before you’ve even really started

  • Work out what is and isn’t working in your business at the moment, and make changes that will help you achieve better results in future

  • Develop strategies to reduce stress and overwhelm and get back in control of your work-life balance

  • Reduce the impact that overthinking or anxiety may have on your career or business success

  • Tackle and get "unstuck" with a business or career issue that's draining your time, energy or emotions, or that you are putting off through fear or anxiety.

  • Become more confident at networking and making presentations

  • Make changes to your career that will meet your need for fulfilment and success in your working life, as well as your desire for a happy, balanced life.

When you work with me, you get a down-to-earth, practical and straight-talking approach. I use evidenced-based tools and techniques based in a variety of areas of psychology, including transactional analysis, Human Givens and Positive Psychology. 

I’ll be honest, and offer you my unconditional support, without judging – because it is your life and business we’re working on, not mine, and I want what you want for yourself. I will challenge and support you in equal measure, so you can safely reach out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself to achieve more. And, above all, I will provide you with a safe, confidential space to be able to think honestly about what you want and what you’re afraid of, and how to overcome the things you worry about. 

As well as one-to-one work with individuals, I also run termly business development groups as part of The Bird Table network, where up to six like-minded businesswomen get together for mutual support and challenge to develop their businesses and themselves.

Jo Lee
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