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KB Virtual Services
KB Virtual Services

Capital Executive #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Karen Broughton

Telephone: 07890 856 677



I help you focus on what matters most: the core of your business, not the endless list of daily tasks that clutter up your to-do list and keep you from running (and growing) your business the way you’d like.

The main advantage of working with a Virtual Assistant is complete flexibility – I work as many or as few hours as required and you only pay for the actual time worked. You can also claim my costs as an expense to your business!

You don’t have any employee costs – sick pay, pension contributions, PAYE, National Insurance, holiday pay – or agency or recruitment fees.

There’s no need for additional office space, equipment or supplies, including the costs this involves, as I support you by working remotely at my own office space. However, if you’d like support at your office this can also be agreed depending on location, etc.

You may also need some support that is outside of traditional office hours which I can help with. I’m happy to sign confidentiality agreements with you if you wish.

Karen Broughton
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