#LoveBiz Membership Questions and Answers

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This page is here to answer any questions you might have about your #LoveBiz membership.

What does my membership include?

We have 2 options of membership (Our 'pay as you go' option ended in August 2021) Both options have either monthly or yearly payment choices, you decided which suited you better on joining or renewing.


This membership includes:

  • Your membership community Zoom events.

  • Facebook group access to all UK members.

  • Engraved members name badge.

  • Social media posts shared.

  • WhatsApp group access.



This membership includes:

  • Your membership community Zoom events.

  • Your membership community quarterly in person events.

  • Facebook group access to all UK members.

  • Engraved members name badge.

  • Social media posts shared.

  • WhatsApp group access.


I have a Zoom inclusive membership and would like to attend in person events in my area too, can I?

Yes you can, just book these as and when you can attend. Details are on this website under your area events. Some events do sell out so we suggest to book early.


Can I visit other areas, either via Zoom events or in person events?

Absolutely, you can visit any other area events as an associate member and just pay for each event you attend via this website. And Zoom is the perfect way to engage with members from across the UK.

I can't attend my monthly inclusive meeting, what do I do?

Please email your host, so they know you can not come along. This is really important as someone else could want to meet you and your host will have planned the 1 to 1 breakout rooms for you to connect. Or sit you next to someone at your area in person event. Please do not just not show up. A networking meeting is just like a meeting you have with a future client on a 1 to 1 basis. 

Do I need to book myself into events as an inclusive member?

No, your host books your tickets, asks for menu choices, you just need to write the dates in your diary and attend.

I am still on the older 'pay as you go membership', what do I need to do?

This is slightly different as you need to book your own tickets for both Zoom meetings and in person meetings, which are all on your area membership pages.

Do you offer an in person only event membership?

At this moment we do not offer this option as we put on quarterly in person events. We will review this when we send our members the summer survey and will review feedback. 

Have I booked?

Every time you book, you receive an automated email confirmation. This has a ticket reference and also a receipt of payment. The email is from tickets@sellticketsapp.com.

When do I receive my Zoom ID?

We normally send email confirmation with agenda and Zoom ID 24 hour working hours in advance. Please do check your spam folder if you do not receive an email. We can not answer requests for non receipt 15 minutes before an event as we are setting up and hosting. Always make sure you check well in advance of the Zoom event.

How can I find my area event dates?

Details are on the website and we aim to keep to our regular event days by area. But sometimes due to special events and bank holidays these may change but we do give you plenty of notice.

Can I bring a guest?

Of course, we love meeting new people and members bringing guests is the best testimonial possible.

How can I connect with more members?

Come to other events, and connect by having 1 to 1's. Plus engage in the members Facebook community. 

Can I update my directory page?

Yes, you can do this when you renew for no charge. If you want to do this mid membership there is a small fee to cover administration time to do this. See our membership terms and conditions. Just email admin@lovebiznetworking.co.uk.

How long is my membership for?

A #LoveBiz membership is for a minimum of 12 months. 

How do I renew?

At the beginning of the month your membership is due for renewal, an email is sent to you with links to renew. You can choose either a monthly subscription or pay in advance for the year. This saves you a few £££. Confirmation of renewal needs to be confirmed by the middle of the month, the date will be on the email. 

What is a #LoveBiz members showcase?

This is an extra way of promoting you and your business with a 5 to 10 minute slot. It's an ideal way to share your journey, top tips or more about your product and services. These are for Zoom and in person meetings. Please contact your host to book.



I have special dietary requirements, can you cater for me?

Just let your host know in advance of dietary needs for in person events. We can arrange with the venue in advance.

I have lost my engraved name badge - Help!

Just order a new one on the following link and we aim to have it for you at the next in person event. 


What can I post in the Facebook community group?

The Facebook group is a 24/7 community area for members to share their business news, ask for advise, share polls, share their own events etc. We really want members to be active and engage with others in the group. And it be a source for information too. 


We ask that you do not promote other businesses who are not members and tag people who are not members as they will not see the posts as our group is closed and private. 

This is a safe space for members to share challenges without being judged.

Posts are great, but engaging is just as important. 

Your invested area hosts


Jacque Drain - Trent, Town Gate, Three Spires - jacquedrain@lovebiznetworking.co.uk

Julie Cameron - Core - juliecameron@lovebiznetworking.co.uk

Payal Walker - Charnwood, De Montfort - payal@lovebiznetworking.co.uk

Sue Crooks - Arden, Derwent, Ivanhoe - suecrooks@lovebiznetworking.co.uk

Sue Godfrey - Sherwood - suegodfrey@lovebiznetworking.co.uk

Accounts department - accounts@lovebiznetworking.co.uk