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Refer a Guest Reward

'Refer A Guest' Reward Incentive

Terms and Conditions

For every guest that attends a LoveBiz Networking® meeting (online or in person) that a member has invited, who then joins, the member will receive 1 months extended additional membership as our gift.

This is unlimited. As an example: 12 guests who you have invited and who join, you receive a years gifted membership.

Your guest can attend any area event for you to receive your reward. Your guest does not need to join the area you are a member of.

Your guest can join with any membership package. (annual payments and monthly subscriptions)

Your guest has to agree to our membership terms and conditions when joining and their membership is for a minimum of 12 months.

Our terms and conditions may be updated at anytime in accordance with LoveBiz Networking UK Limited membership and will be communicated to all members if this should arise. 

How do you know if I invite a guest? There is a section on our booking formsAnd if your guest forgets to mention you, just let your event host know.

Refer a Guest Reward

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Date 9th August 2023

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