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M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support
M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd

Sherwood #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Amy Rudge

Telephone: 0121 416 0121




It’s not what we do.
It’s what can we do for you?

Technological Solutions for Business Owners

Would you like to reduce your costs?
We can help you automate. Do more for less.

Would you like to reduce the size of your IT department?
We can show you how to efficiently support 100 users with 1 person.

Are you confident about your IT security?
EDR is replacing old-fashioned antivirus software.

Would you like help with specific projects?
We can supply project managers or specialists with particular skills.

Would you like help supporting and managing your remote workers?
We can demonstrate tools that will allow you to monitor and communicate.

Would you like to change your IT model to reflect the changes in your business?
We can supply a Consultant who will give your business a competitive advantage.

Amy Rudge
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