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Clean Living

Ivanhoe & Derwent #LoveBiz Community


Contact: Sarah Ferguson

Telephone: 07737 696 840




Eco-friendly cleaning products. Powered by good bacteria. Backed by science.


Founded in the UK in 2018 when a Bio-Chemist met a team of likeminded eco-friendly individuals and they shared a strong drive to offer eco-friendly solutions that had a positive impact on climate change issue.

Fact: Microbes are essential for us to live a healthy life.

A healthy gut microbiome plays an essential role in building and maintaining our immune systems. At Clean Living we extend the same approach into the microbiome of our homes.

  • Our multi-award winning biological cleaning products are built using live, friendly microbes which both break down dirt, remove nasty odours and help prevent dangerous mould, bacteria and viruses taking hold.

  • Our home fragrance range "Breathe" consists of candles, pillow spray, diffuser and incense sticks all designed to be healthy and mood enhancing.

Together they help you create and maintain a truly Healthy Home.


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