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Amanda Hagan – Public Speaking Trainer

Arden #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Amanda Hagan

Telephone: 07803 502 867



I am a seasoned voice and public speaking coach who specialises in empowering individuals to find their authentic voice, boost their self-confidence, and excel in public speaking engagements. My expertise lies in helping clients communicate with clarity and impact, whether in the boardroom, on stage, in a classroom, or in everyday conversations.

Performance anxiety typically arises from the perception that when you're in front of a group of people, they'll judge you. As a trained opera singer and professional voice practitioner, I combine my training from Birmingham School of Acting with NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy providing a more holistic approach to breakthrough whatever is keeping you stuck.


Together we can help you conquer your fears of public speaking and achieve your goals. Moving your voice from breathiness, gabbling, high pitch and under powered to authenticity and engagement.


Effective public speaking opens doors and provides a great way to stand out in what is becoming an ever crowded market, It also looks good on your CV, too.


Here are some areas where public speaking training might be useful to you:

presenting at your workplace

  • delivering a YouTube video

  • leading a team meeting (in person or online)

  • gaining leadership skills

  • speeches at public events

  • conducting ceremonies


If any of the above resonates with you, please contact me and we’ll hop on a quick zoom for a discovery 121.

Amanda Hagan
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