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TLG Design Studio

Sherwood #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Terri Burton

Telephone: 07929 964 732



I believe your brand is the heart of your story, with design as the captivating narrative. My mission: to uncover your unique brand story through compelling visuals.

I’m Terri, lead designer and self-proclaimed paper enthusiast with a deep passion for the art of foiling and embossing. My creative journey began with a childhood love for drawing and design, a passion that has only grown stronger.

Over the past 14+ years, I’ve continually expanded my design skillset and honed my expertise in print management. I’ve had the privilege of working in various agency roles where I was entrusted to craft innovative, elevated design solutions and lead exciting projects for a diverse range of clients, spanning from luxurious beauty brands to well-established businesses.

I’ve channeled my boundless passion and knowledge into building my own business, all while balancing the joys of motherhood. I now specialise in being a creative partner to enthusiastic, passionate business owners like you. Collaboratively, we’ll effectively communicate and showcase your unique brand through innovative graphic design and branding solutions. Navigating you from the challenges of feeling overwhelmed and unseen, guiding you towards a space of confidence and clarity. I ensure your brand radiates brilliance across every interaction in your business.

Branding Identity Design 🌿 Graphic Design 🌿 Print Design 🌿 Packaging Design 🌿 Social Media 🌿 Illustration 🌿 Design Retreat Days - Dedicated 1:1 design help for your business (4 or 8 hours)

Terri Burton
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