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S J Chillingworth NAMMT(rm)

Ivanhoe & Derwent #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Sharon Chillingworth

Telephone: 07920 149 286



So how did I get into this career?  Weirdly, the interest started with horses.  Owning your own animal whether it’s a dog or horse or a gerbil, we are concerned for their welfare and if they look in discomfort, we want to help.  Years of watching vets, physios and using manual therapy myself on the various ponies and horses the family have owned, created a deep fascination with all things muscular. 


Knowing a tight back will cause a problem when being ridden or worked on the flat, or a short stride meant there was an issue to be found.

Further on, my father trained and qualified in Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy when in his 40’s and the family were all happy to be used as subjects to be practiced on.  I loved the profession from then. I went to train and qualified at the same place as him and in 2008, I opened my practice.  I also cover 2 days a week at my father’s clinic.

To this current day, I have never lost the fascination or the passion for the job. The satisfaction I get from helping people improve their mobility or reduce their stress levels or cope with a long term illness, is one of the best feelings in the world for me.  In fact, I am also the Chairperson for my Professional Association, as the need to make this job even better and safer for both the therapist and the public is paramount, so I have done something myself to help that cause.

Joining this fantastic group of ladies, is the right move for me to share what I love to do as a career and promote the many benefits associated with it.

Sharon Chillingworth
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