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Larissa Gray Positive Sex Education Speaker

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​Contact: Larissa Gray

Telephone: 07948 748 037



Larissa Astara Gray positive Sex education speaker is engaging, calm and confident about sexuality and this puts students at ease around this often difficult subject.


Larissa is an inspirational speaker with a mission to transform sex education and conscious sexual communication. Against the backdrop of concerns about the current views of sexuality and relationships, Larissa has spent years researching with teachers, sexual educators, abuse victims and young people. Her own journey through rape and sexual shame and subsequent alcohol & drug abuse has helped Larissa formulate her talks. and Her sessions cover healthy positive sexual relationships, prevention of sexual trauma, the truth about pornography and how to make realistic and empowering choices.


She was featured in a Channel 4 documentary called “Sex on Wheels” around sex and disability. She helped a paraplegic reconnect to his lost sexual energy while feeling loved, honoured and respected for his sexual needs and desires.


Larissa has produced information that students and attendees of her talks can take away with important information and signposting around sexual consent and where to find advice and support. She also delivers staff CPD and parent sessions on the popular topics of how to talk to or teach your children without fear and shame around sex. What’s wrong with sex breaking down all the areas we are sexually disempowered in our society.


Aware of the need for better informed choices for young people, Larissa Astara Gray is rapidly developing a reputation for being a thought leader and a sensitive, authentic speaker to young people and adults on how to create safe, healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships. How to prevent negative sexual trauma. Are you ready for sex? Pornography truths and its disempowerment. True consent, mutual respect of each other’s bodies and most importantly how to have clear conscious communication around safe sex, consent and boundaries.

Larissa Gray
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