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​Contact: Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble

Telephone: 07540 279 126



I love what I do & I do what I love! I rapidly transform any issues that you have emotionally or physically with 1-3 sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and hypnotherapist and Marisa Peer Exam assessor.


I pluck out the root cause of your issue using Marisa Peer's revoluntionary hybrid method of hypnosis, CBT & NLP to get rid of your issue permanently.


RTT draws out ‘unfinished business’, meaning it is a technique for addressing the trauma that clients have been holding onto for many years.This leads to permanent powerful change because RTT enables the mind to tell the body what to do, for example heal itself using a technique called Cell Command Therapy, easily move away from addictions and turn fear into excitement.


RTT can tell the body how to react and how to feel and it can alter and improve the messages the body sends to the mind so things like depression, anxiety and panic attacks, weight issues, confidence & self esteem can be permanently overcome. Inspire to achieve & achieve to inspire!

Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble
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