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Overcome Anxiety, Stress, fears & IBS. Gain a healthy control of your overthinking & overeating, to increase your energy, your daily exercise & empower flying confidence. Time to diminish that chronic fatigue and heavy brain fog and uplift your self-esteem with a full night’s sleep!

Everything that we Visualise And the words that we use in our Speech, creates our Knowledge and reality hence VASK Therapy was born. VASK means to cleanse or wash in Dutch and this also just happens to be my initials; Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble; VASK.

My Journey
My personal journey started on 24th May 2009 when my late husband died.
Mine and my two children’s lives were devastated beyond belief!…Our world was shattered!
Life changing moments really do make you appreciate life! Everything changed in that split second and our lives would never be the same again!
I was a Flight Supervisor for Air 2000, First Choice and now TUI. I loved flying and flew during the 9/11 era, which brought massive changes to Aviation. Unfortunately, I had to give up my flying career because I had two bereaved children to look after. So, I went into teaching, within a four Primary School Academy, so I could be around for my incredible children.

I chose to turn our lives around. The intense grief, incredible stress, heightened my anxiety & IBS. My Mental Health was in tatters because of the devastating financial loss too.
I was struggling to cope.

But 'Health is wealth' and I found help...
I’m now incredibly pleased to say I’m a Clinical Rapid Transformational Therapist and I am trained in Master of Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy, which is derived from the original Hypnotherapist; Milton. H Erickson. I am also a registered member of IIACT, ICO, GHR and fully GPDR compliant.
I provide international and worldwide online therapy sessions, via video conferencing as well as face to face to clients, from all walks of life.
Time to fly! (In life as well as in an aircraft!)

How do you overcome your Fear, Anxiety, Stress or IBS? Are you overthinking everything? Is your anxiety heightened in general because you don't know what to believe!

Fear of Flying, Aerophobia, and Aviophobia are Fears already heightened at the moment, so we need to do something about anxiety, stress, nerves and panic around flying and in our life's confidence in general.
Knowledge is a powerful tool to reduce your fear of flying but our fear of flying is a learnt behaviour. We are not born with fears. So, how do we change that belief of fear of flying?

The subconscious mind (95% of our brain) is where all our beliefs are created. Normally before the age of eight. But if we created a belief, we can uncreate that belief and create a better one, that serves us better!
How do we do that?

You need to go back into the mind that created it, which is the subconscious mind. That's where 'change' can take place, rapidly!

We are all in the subconscious mind until the age of about eight, that is why children are like sponges! We cross over to the conscious mind (5% of our brain) around the age of 9yrs young, which is frightening that we are running our lives on an under-eight-year-old belief, habit of thought, overthinking.
What I do is tap into unconscious moments, the subconscious mind, the spoken metaphors, the beliefs, the repetitive thinking, the habit of thought, that are the clients, not mine! We all have every single day! Then, I can change them by allowing the client to unfold their own problems.
Untie their "WHY?"

Hence, Fear of Flying, Anxiety, Stress & IBS can be different from one client to the next. It isn't my thought processing, it's the clients.

But I love what I do and if you love what you do then you will never ever work another day in your life. I love my therapy because it changes lives! And I know what it feels like to be on your knees and struggling. I’m able to make an amazing difference and leave an incredible positive footprint behind. Take a chance to make a change.

"Inspire to achieve and achieve to inspire!"

Victoria Ann Spencer-Kibble
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