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​Contact: Lyndsay Sadler

Telephone: 07786 171 011



I’m Lyndsay, a trained chef & I sell the incredible Thermomix, the life-changing kitchen appliance!

Whether you don’t know how to cook, don’t have time to cook, are an experienced cook & would like another pair of hands to help you in the kitchen, a Thermomix is life-changing Both professional chefs & home cooks use them to create restaurant quality food with minimal effort & mess. Every Michelin starred restaurant in the UK has at least one Thermomix in their kitchen!

So if you think life is too short to stand at a hob making a perfect béchamel sauce when a machine can do it all for you at the click of a button, then I'd love to show you another way. And it even washes itself up, doesn’t answer back, will make you a weekly food planner and then create your shopping list.

I offer free hands-on demonstrations so you can experience the magic of Thermomix first hand. You can invite some friends over, I’ll bring my machine along & together we’ll cook 5 dishes that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner afterwards. Or you can come to my professional kitchen and we'll cook together!

Lyndsay Sadler
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