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Temple Spa
Temple Spa

Town Gate #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Helen Bleach

Telephone: 07766 524 932



Temple Spa is a fresh, vibrant, award-winning brand that fuses product, philosophy and spa. Aimed at people who are into health and wellbeing, it is gaining reputation as the brand to be found and followed and is enjoying recognition as a luxury-niche provider of premium skincare, aromatherapy and spa treatments. We advocate a total spa lifestyle to help combat stresses and demands, and promote a little bit of luxury in everyone’s day.

We are discovered in high-end stores such as Harrods, premium spas, Harley Street clinics, first class airlines and boutique and five-star hotels/resorts. Inspired by the diet, lifestyle and landscape of the Mediterranean, Temple Spa has a distinct flavour and feel. Every formula contains anti-ageing ingredients and is abundant in natural extracts. Contemporary in design and unisex in appeal, the focus is on problem-solution products, whimsical names, feel-good textures and down to earth descriptions.

Whilst the core business is spa, we understand that not everyone can get to a spa as often as they like, so to help people spa wherever they are, we have trained independent consultants to come into homes and teach skincare and spa classes. Guests learn how to give themselves a home facial, look after their skin and they pick up some professional spa tips. I have also found that people love trying before buying in a relaxed, informative environment. We can also do this via TSTV which is our version of zoom.

Helen Bleach
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