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​Contact: Reena Pithwa

Telephone: 07583 898 673

Email: r.pithwa@access2funding.co.uk

Website: www.access2funding.co.uk

The Research and Development Tax Relief Scheme is a Government initiative, created to reward and encourage UK companies to invest in innovation.


In reward for the risk-taking innovation (that does not need to have been successful OR completed), companies can claim a Corporation Tax reduction or refund. Tax losses can be converted into a cash tax rebate, based on any qualifying project costs over the last 2 financial years. 


At Access2Funding we are a group of highly qualified and experienced individuals, who possess an expert eye when it comes to Research and Development. 

Our group of experienced writers conduct reports and identify R&D in a vast variety of industries, even when it looks as though there’s nothing.

Our 100% success rate is a testament to the effort and attention to detail included in every report, giving both us and our clients the best opportunity to succeed in securing the funds that will help their business prosper.

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