Rothley Vineyard
Rothley Wine Ltd

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Contact: Liz Robson

Telephone: 07841 397599 / 0116 2375168




Rothley Wine sells wine made from grapes grown on the small vineyard, Kingfishers’ Pool, in Rothley Leicestershire.


Still wines are made on site in the picturesque winery and the sparkling wines are made in Staffordshire  at Halfpenny Green Vineyard.


About 2,000 bottles of wine will be produced each year from a variety of grapevines chosen to suit our cold climate.


A number of awards have been won over the past few years. The business grew out of a passion for growing wine, with a mission to establish an identity for Leicestershire wine. Many wines are named for local history.


Wines are mainly sold through local shops and restaurants, but our new premises licence means wine can be purchased directly from the vineyard. Once a toilet has been built small groups will be invited to attend for a tour and wine tasting. 

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