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Hi, I'm Debs Bamford. (Or Aunty Debs to the masses of people I've loaned a friendly ear to over the last umpteen decades.)

I know what it's like to be confused about who you are and where you fit in life. Finding you're attracted to peoples personalities regardless of gender, sexuality or identity isn't an easy thing to get your head around. It's so much easier to confirm to societal norms because you want to fit in, isn't it?

I've had my head stuck firmly in the sand, high as a kite, revving my engine awaiting for the perfect time to 'accidently' crash my car into a wall and blaming everyone else in my life for the problems I had!

I knew things had to change but I wanted everything to change around me as surely I didn't have to change anything myself?

Unfortunately I was 39 before I started loving myself and I don't want you to wait that long!

I got chatting one night to a bloke in my local friendly gar bar about personal development books. He was gorgeous!

He told me I was gorgeous, (I daren't tell him, he was, as he was way out of my league). He told me I needed to learn to love myself, recommended a book and then became my 'guru' for the next couple of years.

I started to feel great about myself and sorted out a lot of my shi...zzle and wanted to help others do the same.

Seeing an interview with a Life Coach on 'This Morning,' I decided that was the job for me and found a Coaching Course where I also learned NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis.

It was Life Changing!

As an ex-teacher, I initially worked with families and their teenagers. I loved the results my clients were getting so, I learned how to train NLP and coaching, developed Timeline Therapy into PFT (Progressive Future Timelines) and had some phenomenal results.

I now primarily work with women who have identity, confidence and issues with self-worth coaching them to connect, accept and love themselves.

Graduates of my NLP Courses have not only become certified Practitioners and Master Practitioners, they have broken through years of societal and identity constrictions. Reformed, rehabilitated and repaired themselves so they can use all the colours in their crayon box.

Enhanced relationships with family, friends, partners, and most importantly themselves. Upgraded their lifestyle choices and feel healthier, wealthier and happy.

Some have even implemented what they've learned into their own businesses too!

Debs Bamford
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