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PR consultant, copywriting, communications campaigns and strategies, crisis communications, reputation management, media handling.

Do you always wonder how some businesses seem to be forever popping up online? Their online reputation is great and they're always sharing enviable, informative pieces of content such as how-to articles, guides, blogs and so on? Their social media is interesting and consistent and on top of that, they're always appearing in the local news and trades media?

That's because these businesses are aware of the importance of brand reputation and visibility. But while you might be aware of the need to cover this, not everyone has time.

I can help you! Together we can come up with a communications strategy and content plan for your business that ensures you're always out there too, so you're consistently visible for your potential customers.

I can prepare the plan for you - over 12 months if you like - and create all the content.

Or maybe you just need ad-hoc, bespoke pieces of content, such as a press release because you have a big event (awards win, charitable work, sustainability project, business milestone etc), a monthly blog or a new website that needs writing.

If it involves the written word, I can help.

Linda Ram
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