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P3 People Management

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​Contact: Claire Mitton

Telephone: 0161 941 2426

Email: claire@p3pm.co.uk

Website: https://www.p3pm.co.uk

P3 People Management we have the opportunity to work with some fantastic SME businesses across a variety of industries including professional services, Construction and manufacturing. We relish the chance to build strong relationships and drive positive outcomes on some tricky employment matters by advising and coaching managers. The end game is to reduce risks for clients and deliver change projects which bring efficiencies and contribute to the culture within a business.

MCIPD qualified with significant HR experience in the Pharmaceutical services, Market Research, Defence and Outsourced Sales & Marketing sectors.

A magpie at heart I love shopping, especially for trinkets and homewares, although anything from a good independent or John Lewis' scratches the itch! I support Manchester United and like a good pie - but preferably one that contains ricotta cheese, which can be hard to track down at half-time... My lockdown life saver, running, has become part of my everyday. I ran my first 10K race last year and am contemplating a half marathon this year, which will keep me out of trouble until the next trend… maybe plogging...

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