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Olivia Pitt Coaching

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​Contact: Olivia Pitt

Telephone: 07726 222 614

Email: liv@oliviapitt.com 

Website: www.oliviapitt.com


Having dedicated over 20 years in various management roles in the voluntary sector, Olivia followed her heart to become a certified Life Coach. As a result of her life coaching, women feel empowered to live their vision, free themselves of false beliefs that have held them back for years, and experience the joy of living courageously.

Olivia provides one-to-one coaching, facilitates workshops, and is a speaker at women's events, sharing her journey to self-love and self-acceptance.  Olivia is also the proud leader of an online community called 'Curvy Convo', holding space for women who identify as plus size/curvy' and is the host of the Curvy Convo Podcast.

Olivia Pitt
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