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No7 Legal Services

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​Contact: Fahimah Adam 

Telephone: 07496 467 634



No7 Legal Services Ltd was established in 2019 by Fahimah Adam, a Commercial Contracts Lawyer with over ten years’ experience. Called to the Bar in 2008, Fahimah has worked with a broad spectrum of clients from small, start-up businesses to large multinationals on a wide variety of contractual matters.

Fahimah is most passionate about working with clients that have a meaningful purpose such as sustainability or health care to help ensure great outcomes and quick results for businesses and charities that are doing great life changing work. Recent exciting clients include The Institute of Cancer Research and Vanguard who are working on cures for cancer and hydrogen powered trains!

Her experience together with her passion for creating a stress free, approachable, personal alternative to traditional legal support for businesses has been the driving force behind the establishment of No7

Legal Services.

“At No7 we believe in providing a top quality, personalised service at a fixed price. We guarantee individual consultation and bespoke, appropriate agreements for you and your business. We thrive on delivering the best outcomes and cost savings for you by negotiating the most favourable contract terms and conditions with your customers and suppliers.

Using our unique blend of creativity, dynamism and pragmatism we will assess the risk of any business interaction you need and will draft and negotiate contracts that meet your exact requirements. We are able to offer bespoke legal services on almost any contractual matter so please do get in touch.”

Fahimah is a bit of a monkey/ Ninja! With a love of calisthenics and weight training. A passion for training currently 6 times a week as a slow start her passion was fuelled as she finds this optimises her

physical, mental and emotional health, means that she’s more connected to being her best and joyful self.

Now super close to getting her first pull-up. This requires pulling up your whole body weight with just your arms and shoulders. Watch this space!

Fahimah Adam
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