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NEW AROMA UK brings unique patented Smart Aroma Technology alfapureo® to the UK market. We offer a range of aroma oils with a natural disinfecting element, which work together with our state of art ​electronic aroma diffusers. Our aroma oils have certified antibacterial and antiviral properties, eliminating the viruses and bacteria directly in the air you breathe, offering an additional layer of protection for private or public spaces.

NEW AROMA diffusers use the cold diffusion atomising technology to get the most benefits out of your aroma oil, without the need for water or heat. Atomising diffusers provide an easy to use and most cost-efficient way of aromatisation, distributing the scent evenly and making the aroma oil last longer.

A pleasant aroma can transform the mood of your home or business, creating an inviting, relaxed atmosphere where you or your customers will love to spend their time and return to.

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