Naturopathic Health Coach  

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​Contact: Kam Parker

Telephone: 07765 347 738


Do you want to live your best life and enjoy optimal health and age well? 


That’s what I did and it has changed my life and now I empower others to do the same! 


Our bodies are in crisis with the level of toxicity overload from the foods we eat, the environment we live in and the products we use on our skin. The body absorbs everything and chemicals applied to the skin are huge endocrine disrupters that cause hormonal imbalances.


In addition to this high levels of stress, poor sleep and a sedentary life style all lead to an imbalance in the body causing rapid ageing with declining health. 


The body has the ability to heal it self and is constantly working to balance itself out. The harder it has to work the more it declines. Whilst it is not possible to avoid toxins 100% there are many factors that are within our control.


Small changes can make a big difference to your body and brain health. 


I am a qualified and experienced health and fitness coach and I take a very holistic approach taking into account all lifestyle factors that impact health and start you off on a journey to heal your body, mind and soul. 

Kam Parker
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