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Being in business is hard. The current economy is unstable. Long hours, pressure to keep customers happy, keep jobs for your employees, and balancing this with being there for your family. Mosaic understands this dilemma and can help you wherever you are in the lifecycle of your business, whatever your business challenge is. For example:

1. Do you have a new business idea but not sure how to get it started?

2. Have you just started your business and need support to:

  • create a business plan

  • understand your numbers

  • get customers and develop a sales pipeline and convert sales

  • implement marketing initiatives

  • deliver the right customer experience to attract more customers

3. Have you been in business for some time and need support to:

  • define your vision and future aspirations

  • grow sales

  • retain clients

  • manage costs

  • improve processes

  • motivate teams

  • increase profitability

  • Improve customer experience

  • reduce your working hours


My name is Dee Beckett and I’m your local Business Growth Expert. I have 20+ years in FTSE 100 companies in Director level roles, an MBA in Business Administration as well as being a qualified chartered accountant. I have successfully delivered new business growth, account retention, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased market share, focussed cost management, implemented efficient operational processes and engaged teams to enable profitable business growth and delivery of business objectives.

Like a mosaic, every business is unique - its history, people, culture, product / service, processes, and so on. The foundation bringing this together is the same. It is fundamentally to:

  • develop the right products and services,

  • have them available at the right price and in the right place,

  • create the right promotions and awareness,

  • provide the right customer experience,

  • implement the right processes,

  • have the right people with the right passion.

This will deliver a successful and profitable business, growing every year.

This is Mosaic, we believe in keeping it simple. Our goal is to deliver your success.

Dee Beckett