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Have you ever felt like there are simply not enough hours in a day? Or got to the stage where you have started to question if being a coach (or a service provider) is what you meant to do?


You download another freebie, sign up for another webinar that “will change it all”, take part in a challenge… And still you are in the same place, but with even more chaos in your mind.


I get it. Been there. It is not a fun place to be!


But I am here to tell you that there is a way and it all starts with a decision to get out of the rollercoaster ride and commit to building a sustainable and profitable business. What’s the best and quickest way? Work with someone who has done it before, who can help you navigate the path (it could be me, it could be another person - doesn’t matter).


What’s my secret sauce?


I help online coaches (and service providers) create and launch premium offer in demand using smart social media strategies. 


Plus - thanks to the time spent in Tony Robbins coaching academy I have a toolbox filled with techniques to help you navigate through challenging times too!


Some call me "energiser bunny", some say I have a "pitbull mentality", but what matters for me the most is the results that I help my clients achieve! Nothing beats the message "I have just signed up my first high ticket client!" (as I know this is just a beginning for them).


I am also a wife, mum, bonus mum, dog mum, cake baker and an amateur runner (the goal for 2021: 2000km, and for 2022: 3 ultra marathons!). 


Connect with me and let’s get to know each other!

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