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Memorabilia Wallz
Memorabilia Wallz 

Ivanhoe and Derwent #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Paula Chilton

Telephone: 07454 256 288



Memorabilia Wallz was created after moving into our forever home with my soulmate, we had so much in common from playing abes odyssey as kids, to music and film tastes.

We decided to create a mural of all our favourite memories which we have shared since up and becoming a couple.

Therefore Memorabilia wallz was created.  The aim to do murals either privately or publicly of people's happy memories to make them smile.

I also paint unique pieces using acrylic paint on boxed canvas which can be waterproofed to be displayed externally if required. 1 sizes 30 x 40cm and 40 x 60 cm.

I have created 3 unique signature pieces the happy horse, crazy chihuahua and wild wolf. 3 animals most people love and can relate to.

Pet portraits also available along with any specific requests.

I will be doing weekly raffles of 30 numbers £3 per number to win a 30 x 40cm painting of choice for the lucky winner.

Paula Chilton
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