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​Contact: Niamh McGee

Telephone: 07535 631 613

Email: niamh.mcgee@sjpp.co.uk

Website: www.lhfp.co.uk

I work with individuals and businesses to help them create and implement a financial plan which is bespoke to their individual needs and wants. By working with a professional adviser you can be sure you are maximising the tax reliefs available to you, investing into a risk strategy aligned to your appetite for risk and keeping up to date with regulation and legislation changes.


I like to get to know my clients and really understand what they want to achieve. Financial worries can have a huge impact on our  wellbeing, therefore having someone to work with who is passionate about helping you achieve the very best out of your financial position can ease the burden.


The three main areas I advise on are,


  1. Financial protection

  2. Pension Planning – both pre and post retirement

  3. Tax efficient investments


Financial planning is not a subject we are taught in schools and therefore we are not equip with the knowledge to maximise the products and services available to us.


All initial meetings are free of charge, you may not know what you want in  your financial plan right away but you have nothing to lose by having a chat and finding out what is available.

Niamh Mcgee
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