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​Contact: Michelle Lowe

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Welcome to the Joy Spot! We focus on coaching and our goal is to enable you to focus on one of your most important life events – YOU!

What are we offering? An opportunity to explore:

The root of your relationship challenges; whether it be spouses, family, friends, partners or work colleagues

How we can use creativity to create the life you want to live

Looking at how your heart loves and wants to love. Also having healthy loving relationships and loving yourself

How you communicate in your relationships and how it affects your desires and vulnerabilities

Using your gut feelings, and appreciating the importance of your intuition and all knowing

Enhancing, what you already know - remembering your wisdom

Who are we?

We are Passionate at the Joy Spot about relationships. Sometimes, when the important threads become frayed we help you to explore how we can put them back together.

We believe that everything stems from the relationships you have and the relationships you create. Whether they are new or potential relationships, they always begin with you.


Michelle Lowe
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