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JLP Payroll Services Ltd
JLP Payroll Services Ltd

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​Contact: Jacqueline Lilley

Telephone: 07749 345 489



We have a passion for helping companies to save money and time. We do this by taking the pain out of managing pesky payroll.

Don't get caught in the trap of thinking outsourcing is expensive. We will save Companies money by reducing the cost of employing in house payroll and all the ongoing expenses that go with it, remove the need for expensive payroll software and prevent fines imposed by HMRC, for non-compliance.

If you are adding payroll on to the duties of existing admin staff, it's an accident waiting to happen! Payroll is a specialist part of a company's duties that can have expensive consequences if it's not done right! Not only that, staff could be far more effective doing more productive duties that could increase profitability.

By outsourcing your payroll to JLP, whether you are a one director company or have a 1000+ employees, you will be able to concentrate solely on your business.

We have the expertise to manage payroll in an efficient, affordable way and we make sure every client benefits from a professional, friendly, jargon free experience. We also understand that not every client is the same, so our services are bespoke and tailored to each companies' specific requirements.

Apart from that I love making new connections and helping others to connect too!

Jacqueline Lilley
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