Lisa Spencer-Arnell


You Are So Much More Than You Think You Are


International Leadership Coach, Team Facilitator, Speaker and Author.


Lisa is passionate about people, making a difference, her family, football, the next generation and having a great work-play balance. She is co-author of Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Who Stole My Success & Confidence for Kids by Kids.


Lisa’s work is focused around enabling individuals and teams connect to and operate from their whole self/selves, based on the intangibles of trust, psychological safety, connection, truth, support, constructive challenge, emotional intelligence, energy and values, with relationships at the heart of everything she does. 


She’s had the pleasure of serving clients in 30 countries over 4 continents since she created CCS Coaching International back in 2002.  Lisa loves helping people unlock their brilliance and is committed to getting the best out of the leaders,  entrepreneurs, mums, sports people, the teams & organisations she works with.  Her clients call her the Treasure Seeker.

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