Harpreet Chana MRPharmS, CPC, ELI-MP


Lead Well & Live Well! Banish the Burnout and Lighten the Mental Load!


Harpreet is a qualified pharmacist of 15 years, an International Executive Leadership Coach and Founder/MD of The Mental Wealth Academy, which is her company that she set up in 2019 to help strengthen the mental health of busy professionals and responsible organisations.


Having experienced stress, burnout and depression at a senior national level, she has now dedicated her life to help prevent others from the same. She trains and coaches on how to invest in  ‘mental wealth.’ This is the implementation of key wellbeing principles, the building of self-leadership skills and increased self-awareness so that you know how to respond to stress, can self-regulate better and be better leaders; of yourself and others.


Harpreet also coaches and trains senior executives across the world on leadership, self-leadership and wellbeing.




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