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My name is Geraldine and I am a lifestyle advisor with over 10 years\' experience, helping people to lose weight and maintain their weight loss. Whilst I worked for the NHS I worked in various weight management teams and want to share this knowledge with you to help you make changes and improve your lifestyle.

I love helping people like you make successful lifestyle changes to improve their health and become the best version of themselves. With the knowledge I gained working within the NHS, I now offer this privately through 121 clinics and workshops. I have also provided successful corporate workshops which include companies such as Tesco, Lichfield Gol & Country Club, Phase2 Gym and Barhale Walsall, Derbyshire Housing Services and many more.

Alongside this, I have hosted numerous successful yoga retreats at The Nook, providing a clean and welcoming venue, guest refreshments, scenic group walks and tours of the surrounding woodlands. Many companies have used this service such at the Yoga Collective Lichfield, Cactus Yoga, BeYou & Irina Billingham who have all provided positive testimonials for this service with many repeat bookings for future events. I have also recently expanded this service to offer outdoor yoga retreats within our Bell Tent situated on our private paddock with surrounding woodland views.

Geraldine Nickless
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