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Bhavya Arora

Forward Focus London

Capital Executive #LoveBiz Community

​Contact: Bhavya Arora

Telephone: 07814 136 773 or 07555 417 270



‘’I help busy high achievers just like you and me who feel overwhelmed and unmotivated in life, by providing dynamic support to stop your self-sabotage, so enabling you to cross your bridge seamlessly from where you currently are to where you want to be in life - professional or personal''

'' Trapped?…Stagnant?…Just Settling For? Just Surviving?…Limiting Beliefs?…Doubts? Life Seems To Be Going Nowhere? ''

We are shaped…Or might I say our lives are shaped and dominated by our thought process

We are Who we Believe we ARE!

We often stop ourselves and shorten our potential and growth by deciding we can’t do something or are no good at doing things BEFORE we even start or begin, such an imbalance affects..

Our MENTAL health
Our CAREER life
Our WORK life

The good news is – you can change your belief blueprint!

And that’s where I come in - Imagine me, as your own Personal Coach or Guru or Mentor, honestly what you call me doesn't matter, my work is to add VALUE to your life so you...

-Gain clarity and focus in your direction in life
-Overcome challenges and blockages
-Increase your self esteem and confidence
-Increase your productivity and performance
-Improved relationships and communication skills
-Never fear failure again
-Power to aim high
Power to say NO confidently
-Work / Life Balance
-Bring your values and purpose to life
-Time management so you can pursue your passions too
-Ability to stick to changes you commit too
-Ability to organise and prioritize things in your life
-Empower you with tools and skills so you can handle lifes up and downs with more control and calm

Yes, we all experience day-to-day up’s and down’s, who doesn’t – that’s life!

However, now my clients are in control of their thoughts and actions so they can lead a more ACCOMPLISHED, DYNAMIC, PRODUCTIVE and PURPOSEFUL life.

Your gender,age and what walk of life you come from is of no importance to me.

What truly matters is..
-How COMMITTED you are in making a change for yourself?
-What’s the level of DEDICATION to invest time,money and energy?
-Is the urgency in the WANT to transform outnumbering the ifs,buts and doubts?

If yes, then...

YOUR JOB = Are you ready to commit NOW to transform?
MY JOB = To empower you with tools and skills to make the change!

'' Stepping out of your comfort zone – the safe zone – is not something you do just for the sake of it, but because you are longing for something that’s out there''

Bhavya Arora
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