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​Contact: Carie Lyndene

Telephone: 01242 375 007 or WhatsApp 0788 543 6814

Email: results@carie-lyndene.com

Website: https://carie-lyndene.com/


I'm Carie Lyndene (The Sales Sage) and I help B2B Consultants, Service Providers, Coarse Creators and Experts how to design, and successfully launch (or relaunch) their 100k Business Masterplan in 90 Days without overwhelm, complex marketing or tacky sales tactics.

This formula has been intrinsic in 10s of millions of pounds of products & services moving into the marketplace for me and my clients around the world.

It's also the exact formula I've used when major life issues got in the way of business, and I had to start again from scratch (like so many are having to do after CV-19) to recreate that elusive 6-figure


Each month I run an online interactive masterclass so you can get to know me and judge for yourself if and how I can help you.

Get in touch for more info about The 100K Masterplan or to book a workshop place go to https://www.sales-secrets.co.uk.

Carie Lyndene
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