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​Contact:  Vicky Docker

Telephone: 07751 403 157



Hi my name is Vicky Docker, Director for Empowered Change.

I bring my toolkit of tried and tested methodology from 30 years experience and qualifications from within the Corporate world as a senior HR Leader.

My passion is people supporting their personal growth by inspiring, encouraging and empowering professionals to achieve their goals privately through 1-2-1 coaching or through development within their organisation.

I work with HR Leaders and business owners in three key areas;

1. Analysing people challenges within your organisation to create a strategic plan and roadmap
2. Design, deliver and facilitate learning
3. Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy and delivery

I also specialise in the following three areas:

1. Using The GC Index and Insights profiling tools alongside 360 feedback to help individuals and teams to self reflection and consider ways to communicate, play to their strengths and work more effectively to innovate and create transformational growth.

2. Leadership and management development through coaching and delivering bespoke development programmes.

This includes specific programmes to develop women to enable organisations to attract, develop, engage, progress and retain them. The purpose is to progress them towards more senior leadership role to increase equality.

3. Supporting organisations to cultivate positive mental health, well-being and avoiding burnout in the workplace.

If you would value a free and no obligation empowered change consultation to discuss your specific people challenge please contact me.

Vicky Docker
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