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Dr Homer - Divorce Coaching
Dr Homer - Divorce Coaching

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​Contact: Lucinda Homer

Telephone: 07711 096 950



I help professional women who want to get divorced with less stress and expense, more clarity and time, better strategy and strong boundaries.


Divorce throws complicated emotions and unexpected problems into an already busy life. It might feel like you should be able to work out what to do and how to fit everything together all by yourself. I know that you can do it, BUT it is time consuming, stressful, exhausting and puts you at risk of burnout. My approach to divorce coaching puts you into the driving seat and allows you to create a plan, which works for you both personally and professionally.


I am passionate about the power of community and I have set up a network for professional women, who are getting divorced. It is called The Divorce Village and can be found here


It is a place where busy professional women can take time out to recharge, learn something new and make friends. It is a group of women, who really get what it means to juggle, work, home and the demands of a divorce. 

There is an expanding bank of content and women can follow topics, which interest them. As well as coaching expertise, there are experts from both legal and financial sectors contributing to the topics. It is a space where women can share ideas, ask questions and support each other. Divorce does not mean lonely.


I come from a medical background (24 years in the NHS) and worked as a Consultant Anaesthetist for 14 years. I have a huge amount of experience in education and training teams. I am available to work collaboratively with organisations to develop and deliver workshops. To recruit and retain top female talent requires organisations to be inclusive, flexible and create a high trust culture. Supporting professional women through a difficult time in their life is no longer a “nice to have”. 


There is no one size fits all approach to coaching. For those women who would like to work through issues in greater depth and at a different pace, I offer group and bespoke one-to one coaching packages.

Dr Lucinda Homer
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