Coronavirus Statement


Event Guidelines - LoveBiz Networking@ Events


Our members and guests will need to register in advance as normal for in person events.

We ask that all attendees to our in person brunch and lunch events carry out a lateral flow test 24 hours before and also after the event. This is a respectful request and we will not be asking for proof but hope you will be respectful to your fellow guests.


If the test is positive before the event, please contact your host ASAP. If the test is positive after the event, please contact as we have a policy and system in place to contact our guests.


Do not post on social media as this can cause unnecessary panic. 

In doing this, you are showing respect to other guests. 


Face coverings can be worn when entering the main venue / building if you wish, if you feel more comfortable, no one will be judged. 


Until further notice there will be no bumph table and we advise to connect on LinkedIn, rather than exchange business cards etc. 


Each venue we use has there own risk assessment.

Where we can, we will be having seated events, to stop too much mingling and we ask that our guests do not hug etc.


The venue may require us to provide them with guests details. These will be stored securely and for 21 days only. 

If our area in person event is cancelled at the last minute due to future area lockdowns and restrictions, we will transfer guests bookings to the next event or put on a Zoom meeting. Your host will confirm these details by email.

Sue Crooks

LoveBiz Networking® Founder

6th January 2022