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Contagious Connectors

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Hi, my name is Jess.

I am a German Swede, single mother of two young women (18, 21), Yoga & Teen Yoga Teacher and founder of the Contagious Connectors Community (where some pretty amazing Yoga Teachers hang out together!).

With a background of 25+ years in sales and business development in the hotel industry, living and working all over Europe, I work primarily as a Business Mentor & Coach for Yoga Teachers. I am passionate about helping other YOGA TEACHERS grow a profitable business they LOVE… a business that attracts clients with ease and joy!

In a world where we're buried in noise from social media and tech, in my view it is more important than ever to go back and focus on people, building trust with the individuals who will help us grow as we develop meaningful connections and conversations. My clients love what they do, but they are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and fed up trying to market their business.

I help my clients generate a steady stream of new clients by implementing a conversational approach to sales and marketing that makes them feel good while they do it.

I take them through my O.M.M.M.M. methodology where I teach them to be:

O p e n - Believe in Possibility
M i n d s e t - Appreciate Their Value
M a r k e t i n g - Start Conversations
M o n e y - Learn to Receive
M a g i c - Turn happy Clients into Partners

I’m grateful that I get to integrate my 25+ years of strategic sales with my own experience of running a yoga business with serving others.

Thanks so much for stopping by my #LoveBiz page, I'd love to hear more about you. Let's connect!

Jess Funke Maspes
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